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About Us


Provide religious, educational, social and cultural services, as well as community activities, Eid Services, and comprehensive programs for the younger generation.

About SCN

Salahadeen Center of Nashville (SCN) was established in 1998 in Nashville, TN. SCN is a membership organization registered in the State of Tennessee as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.  SCN’s main objectives are the upbringing of Muslim children and serving the community. What was once a small community center, it is now one of the largest Muslim community centers in Nashville area, it serves South Nashville, and towns to the south of Nashville, such as  Antioch, Smyrna, La Vergne, and Nolensville.

Since its establishment, the center members have grown significantly. The center now owns three buildings: the main prayer building is located in 364 Elysian Fields Court, and it serves as the main prayer and activity building. The second building is used for the Center’s Sunday School Program, Children Library and Youth Programs. The third building is rented out and is a grocery store. The Sunday school was established a few months after the opening of the Center with the purpose of building a strong Muslim character, strong faith and knowledge.


We are proud to work with other non-profit organizations around the Nashville area to accomplish a unified community; especially for reasons concerning the Muslim community as a whole.

Excellent Support

The cornerstone of any strong non-profit organization is the solid and sincere support and service to its members. At our center, we provide support and services on many levels that are within the Center’s capabilities; such as support to answer questions on issues and challenges one faces that require a thoughtful answer based on Islamic view, etc.

Organization Information

SCN is a nonprofit 501c (3) Organization. It serves over 10,000 families in Nashville and surrounding towns.

The organization is managed by an elected Executive Board which reports to the Board of Trustees.

– The Center is managed by the Executive Board, which consists of 5-7-members elected by the members of the SCN every two years.

– The Executive Board is governed by the Board of Trustees which consists of nine (9) members.

Besides the five daily prayers, the center engages in many other activities, such as government relations, social services and community service. Also, the center has a weekend school during the school year and offers summer school program. Also, the Center offers many services to the Muslim community in the Nashville Area and surrounding cities, specifically the large Kurdish community in the greater Nashville area.

Thanks to the hard work of our sincere staff who offer their time voluntarily to run the daily activities of the center, our community members have found us to be one of the trusted community centers in the area. The Center is open 7 days a week and during and between the five daily prayers.

Our People

We have a strong group of people committed to their faith and sincere work towards the community. We are not limited to working by the hour for any monetary returns, but rather we are volunteers who work for the sake of goodness towards the community we interact with. However, we do ask for God’s support and your Dua’a (prayers).