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Education Services

Sunday School

Salahadden Sunday school is designed to teach our children the principles and characteristics that define us as Muslims. The program starts in August of each year and continues until May of the following year. We have grades Kindergarten – 7th Grade. The tuition fee is $135 per student for the entire year. There is a discount for siblings. In summer we give students a break due to Ramathan falling in summer these years. However, students are encouraged to work on summer projects.

Quran Reading

In this class we focus on learning the Quranic alphabets. In each lesson we introduce a few letters. We learn the shapes, sounds, and different position of those specific letters. We then quickly connect those letters to make meaningful words that students then read by the end of each lesson. We have designed a special curriculum that helps us achieve this goal. Since we started implementing this curriculum our Sunday school program produces new Quran readers every semester Alhamdulillah. The Curriculum consists of three levels. Each level is covered in one semester. When students pass level three, they are announced as new readers and we then work on getting them to the fluency level.

Islamic Studies

Islamic StudiesIn this class we use the “I Love Islam” book series. We learn about the Pillars of Islam, the Pillars of Iman, characteristics of Muslims, stories of prophets, and much more.

Performing Salah

One major goal of our program is to teach students how to perform Salah properly. We teach students how to make Wudu and perform Salah properly. Boys learn how to call for Salah (Make Athan), and they learn how to lead Salah (become Imam). Every Sunday we end the program with the Thuhir prayer which is led by one of the older students